Laravel-Metable is a package for easily attaching arbitrary data to Eloquent models for Laravel 5.


  • One-to-many polymorphic relationship allows attaching data to Eloquent models without needing to adjust the database schema.
  • Type conversion system allows data of numerous different scalar and object types to be stored, queried and retrieved. See the list of supported Data Types.


  1. Add the package to your Laravel app using composer
composer require plank/laravel-metable
  1. Register the package’s service provider in config/app.php. In Laravel versions 5.5 and beyond, this step can be skipped if package auto-discovery is enabled.
'providers' => [
  1. Publish the config file (config/metable.php) of the package using artisan.
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Plank\Metable\MetableServiceProvider"
  1. Run the migrations to add the required table to your database.
php artisan migrate
  1. Add the Plank\Metable\Metable trait to any eloquent model class that you want to be able to attach metadata to.

Example Usage

Attach some metadata to an eloquent model

$post = Post::create($this->request->input());
$post->setMeta('color', 'blue');

Query the model by its metadata

$post = Post::whereMeta('color', 'blue');

Retrieve the metadata from a model

$value = $post->getMeta('color');